Patch Notes v1-1-1833

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Released on 2014/11/04
Patch version V1.1.1833
Is hotfix Yes

  • The following perks can now be equipped properly.
    • Ventilator
    • Extinguisher
    • Plasma Scoops
    • Feedback Circuits
    • Melding Converter
    • Thick Skull
    • Insulated Armor
    • Magnetic Shielding
    • Self-Cleaning Servos
    • Reactive Armor
    • SIN ICE
  • Fixed an issue which was causing flashlights to flicker for users with specific hardware setups.
  • Added a potential fix for stuttering enemy AI and NPC movement.
    • Please let us know if you continue to experience this issue via a reply to this thread.
  • Updated the font used in the mailbox to provide better support for Russian characters.

Army Interface Updates:

  • Players who have not been logged in for a long time will now display properly in the roster window.
  • Updated the font used in the Army interface so that it provides better support for Russian characters.
  • Long names for unestablished Armies will no longer block the configuration button in the Army window.