Patch Notes v1-0-1797

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Released on 2014/8/27
Patch version v1.0.1797
Is hotfix Yes

Hello Pilots! We have released a hotfix which will address the following issues:

  • Players can no longer buy an Experimental Stimulant if they already have one in their inventory.
  • Known Issue: Players who spam the purchase button for stimulants will be able to buy more than one stimulant. This is not beneficial to the player as using a stimulant when you have more than one will consume the entire stack and only give the reward once.
  • Omnidyne-M vouchers received from the Hazardous Research event are now affected by reputation boosts.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing 'Get Your Ass to Dredge'.
  • Spiny armor cores now reflect 10% damage as originally intended and are purchasable once again from the PvP vendor.
  • Reduced the amount of Powered Dark Crystite Cores required for the final repulsor project to 100,000.