Patch Notes v1-0-1796

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Released on 2014/8/21
Patch version v1.0.1796
Is hotfix Yes

Hello Pilots! We have released a hotfix which will address the following issues:


  • Fixed an issue with the Recluse's alt-fire which was preventing AOE damage from being dealt upon impact.

Open World

  • Added a fail safe timer which will end the OCT event if the Guardian becomes unreachable for an extended period of time.
    • This is a temporary fix until we can determine a way to prevent the Guardian from becoming stuck in the first place.


  • If you abandon a priority/non-repeatable ARES Job it will now reappear on the Job board.
  • 'My Island' has been disabled as it sends players into the melding until the Devil's Tusk push back is complete.
  • Interacting with the crate on 'Project IMP' will now progress to the next step of the job.