Patch Notes v0-7-1683

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Released on 2013/07/26
Patch version v0.7.1683
Is hotfix No
  • The required tutorial upon a player's first entry into Copacabana has been shortened. The removed missions (such as crafting Jump Jets) are still given to players afterwards, outside of the tutorial.
  • Equipping crafted gear will now bind it to your character (this includes previously equipped gear). This isn't new per se, but now gives the player an explanation why they cannot put used items on the market.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Melding Repulsors in Coral Forest from spawning.
  • Accord Chemical Sprayer - Poison burn duration shortened from 1000ms to 300ms
  • Added controls to the tutorial videos.
  • Tutorial video buttons are now bigger and glow.
  • Moved Create Account button closer to login.
  • Added Red Bean shop to the top of the Nav Wheel.
  • Some improvements to Battleframe Garage performance.
  • Fixed some crashes that were being caused by chat and in-game voice.