PAX East 2011

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Penny Arcade Expo East 2011

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In regards to Firefall, PAX East marked the first time that the game was playable by the general public. Red 5 had set up 20 gaming stations, for 2 simultaneous 5v5 deathmatch games.

In addition to the first look at PvP, other things prominently on display were the Recon battleframe, custom Armies (with custom names, colors, and insignia), and Powerups.

Also, the accounts used had installed 3 abilities for each battleframe. For the Assault, players could use Crater, Afterburner, and Overcharge. For Medic, Supercharge, Healing Burst, and Defibrillator. Recon had access to Resonating Bolts, Cryo Bullet and Long Range Charge.