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Orbital Comm Tower (or OCT for short) is set in the Smokestack Desert, among steep cliffs and rocky terrain and is a reworked PvP map (played with the Sabotage gametype) to fit into a PVE-environment. Located around OCT are three Orbital Targeting Arrays (called Alpha, Beta and Gamma).

About once an hour it will get attacked by the Chosen using their Darkslips. Nearby players will be notified when this starts and it's highly advised to mention this in zone-chat.

Once they've killed the Chosen Guardian inside the OCT-structure the three Orbital Targeting Arrays have been taken over by the Chosen. All three need to be taken back and their Auxiliary Targeting Satellite Dish needs to active within 8 minutes in order to defeat the Chosen from taking over OCT.

After a successful retake of OCT, the Chosen will start (several) Invasion Counterstrikes across Sertao, defeating these will grant players additional rewards.

SIN (Shared Intelligence Network)

New players, who are unlocking all the areas for SIN-coverage, will not be able to unlock this area. Instead, if they unlock the SIN-tower at Forward Operating Base Sagan then the OCT-area will be unlocked as well.


New Eden was lucky to have one great radio tower that survived the arrival of the Melding. The Orbital-Comm Tower can broadcast in the 3cm- to 1m-wavelength range. In addition to providing data redundancy for localized SIN towers, this giant antenna also serves as a semi-transit radio telescope: boasting a fixed primary with a Gregorian reflector as secondary, as well as a delay-line feed. These operate on independent tracks and are able to point simultaneously at different parts of the cosmos. Having a stronger broadcast capability than anything remaining in orbit, the Orbital-Comm Tower remains humanity's only link with the colony on Alpha Prime and the crew of the Aegis, presently in transit back to Earth. Its value to the Accord has not gone unnoticed by the Chosen.