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When the player opens/closes the navwheel. (Default `) (Does not pass the shortcut argument)
Also triggers when the player uses a shortcut to open/close a sub-menu of the navwheel, such as social or calldowns.

Values passed to bound function
Value Type Description
shortcut string What shortcut was opened, if any.
event string Is always "on_navwheel_toggle"
show bool Is the navwheel showing
toggle bool
{"event" = "on_navwheel_toggle", "shortcut" = "Social","show" = true}
{"event" = "on_navwheel_toggle", "shortcut" = "WorldMap","toggle" = true}


List of known shortcuts

  • Social
  • Calldowns
  • WorldMap

More on shortcuts

Whenever the player presses one of the navwheel shortcuts, the event will also pass the "shortcut" argument. This happens if the player uses the key to open the nav wheel or close it. Anything triggered on a specific shortcut should also check if the navwheel is open.