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Whenever the player collects an item from the ground.

Values passed to bound function
Value Type Description
itemTypeId number The ID# of the item collected
quantity number Amount of item collected.
lootedTo srting The name of the player who received the item.
lootTargetId number  ?The ID of the player receiving the item?
event string Is always "on_loot_collected"
fromEncounter bool  ?? Returns false for items off the ground.
lootedBy string The name of the player who picked up the item.
	"itemTypeId" : 10, 
	"quantity" : 12, 
	"lootedTo" : "MilkButler", 
	"lootedToId" : <target_id>, 
	"boosted" : 4, 
	"event" : "on_loot_collected", 
	"lootedBy" : "MilkButler"