No Taxation Without Representation

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This is a mission on the Dredge Job Board


Sparanzo and his unknown 'associates' are angry over the exorbitant crystite tax, and they've sent him to relay their grievances to the local Accord liaison. The officer is closeminded and myopic, and Sparanzo begin to chart a different course.


  • Rendezvous with Consigliere Sparanzo
  • Assist the Accord Liaison Officer During a Raid
    • Eliminate 10 Buzzards
  • Meet Dulles of the Buzzards
  • Travel to the Chosen Battlefield
    • Activate 10 Targets
    • Eliminate 13 Hostiles
  • Travel to the Hisser Nest
    • Activate 6 Targets
    • Eliminate 16 Hostiles