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This page was last updated during patch v0.7.1683. The current patch is v1.3.1869.

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The New You Station allows players to customize their appearance and change their voice.

Players are able to edit their facial and body features with the same selection as in the character creation menu and are able to purchase more. Even a gender change is possible. Various head, ear, mouth, etc. ornaments can be purchased and equipped in the station.

New You Stations can be found in all Hubs and Watchtowers, and can also be accessed from Battleframe Garage's


  • Accord Monocle
  • Astrek Monocle
  • Aviator Goggles
  • Bandit Mask
  • Beer Hat
  • Black Cats Visual Kit
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Crystite Earring
  • Emerald Blades Visual Kit
  • Eye Shields
  • Full Samurai Helm
  • Holmgang Heroes Visual Kit
  • Magma Battleframe Pattern
  • Monoclops
  • Mouth Breather
  • Omnicon Decal
  • Omnicom Warpaint
  • Pirate Earring
  • Purple Sunglasses
  • Samurai Helm
  • Samurai Mask
  • Scared Crow
  • Straw Hat
  • Tech Glasses
  • The Brood Visual Kit
  • Thunderbirds Visual Kit
  • Tricorn
  • Viking Hat
  • Zee Goggles