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This page was last updated during patch v1.2.1847. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
This article may be outdated. Please check the Patch Notes for more details.

Modules are crafted or dropped items that can be added to weapons and abilities to improve their features.

Color Slotting

Each weapon or ability can have up to three module slots: Red, Blue, or Yellow. Modules of a certain color go in their corresponding slots.

In addition to the primary color modules, there are also mixed-colored modules that can fit into two different primary background-color slots:

  • Purple modules can be slotted Red or Blue slots
  • Orange modules can be slotted into Red or Yellow slots
  • Green modules can be slotted into Yellow or Blue slots

Rarity & Effect

The rarity of a module is very important because it increases the magnitude of its effects. For example, a Common-rarity Rapidfire Module will increase rate of fire by 5%, whereas an Epic-rarity one will increase rate of fire by 12.5%.

Ability Modules

For details, see Ability Modules

  Deployment Cooldown Duration Potency Force Range Radius
Deployment Deployment Fast Deploy - - Force Deploy Ranged Deployment Wide Deploy
Cooldown Fast Deploy Cooled Charged Blitz Swift Rapid Barrage
Duration - Charged Lasting Enduring Strengthened Isolated Distant
Potency - Blitz Enduring Potency Forceful Focused Disruption
Force Force Deploy Swift Strengthened Forceful Energized Ranging Expanding
Range Ranged Deployment Rapid Isolated Focused Ranging Longarm Remote
Radius Wide Deploy Barrage Distant Disruption Expanding Remote Widened

Weapon Modules

For details, see Weapon Modules

  Rate of Fire Mag Size Range Chargeup Accuracy Radius
Rate of Fire Rapidfire Carnage Accelerated Blazing Balanced Fusillade
Mag Size Carnage LongMag Suppressing Surging Stabilized Havoc
Range Accelerated Suppressing Extended Lunging Hunting Bombard
Chargeup Blazing Surging Lunging Charging Powered -
Accuracy Balanced Stabilized Hunting Powered Precise -
Radius Fusillade Havoc Bombard - - High Yield

Stat Application

  • All modules stack additively.
    • For positive stats (e.g. Rate of Fire), the final multiplier of the stat is 1 + X, where X is the stat change from modules. For example, equipping two modules in a weapon, one increasing magazine size by 50% and the other by 30%, would result in a 1 + 0.5 + 0.3 = 1.8 multiplier for the magazine size.
    • For negative stats (e.g. Cooldown Reduction), the final multiplier of the stat is 1 / (1 - X), where X is the stat change from the modules. For example, equipping two modules in an ability, one decreasing cooldown by 10% and the other by 20% would result in a 1 / (1 - (-0.1 + -0.2)) = 1 / 1.3 = 0.769 multiplier for the cooldown.

Built-in Modules

Some equipment that you find comes with modifiers that act as a built in module, but not taking up any module slots. See Prefix to find out more.