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A Melding Tornado


The Tornado

A Melding Tornado is a major dynamic World Event that can be found in New Eden and normally takes a group to complete.

The encounter consists of the tornado, slowly moving across the area. There are 4 melding shards orbiting the tornado that have to be destroyed in order to reveal the core. The melding shards are shielded so that only one of the shards can be attacked at any point in time. The unshielded shard changes after a few seconds.

Additionally there are 2 smaller shards floating above the tornado, but are totally optional in this encounter. When destroyed, these higher shards only drop XP. Every time a shard is destroyed, Melding Resources scatter on the ground and hordes of melding creatures spawn. The Melding Resources drop various supplies and some crystite if they are destroyed.

Everything too close to it will be pushed away a good distance. The Tornado also has the ability to shoot energy projectiles.

After the destruction of the core, the tornado disappears and a Melding Portal into a Melding-Bubble appears.

Hint: Every destroyed shard will prolong the lifetime of the tornado.

The Melding Bubbles

These places are temporary melding-free area, in the process of being engulfed again. While slowly collapsing in phases, numerous enemies and different kinds of Crystite Shards spawn within the Melding Bubbles. These shards explode and drop resources:

  • Yellow Crystite Shard: ~10-30 resources
  • Green Crystite Shard: ~30-100 resources
  • Red Crystite Shard: ~100-250 resources

The bubble will completely collapse after a few minutes, killing everybody that did not escape through the exit portal.

Each area has a different bubble when you enter the tornado:


  • The Tornado
    • 3.500 Objective Exp (each of the 4 shards circling the tornado)
    • 15.000 Objective Exp (each of the 2 shards circling on the top of tornado)
    • 15.000 Objective Exp (core)
    • ~400 Crystite
  • Exiting the Melding Bubble alive
    • ~100 Crystite