Melding Epicenter

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This page was last updated during patch v1.3.1869. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
The center of the map looking out towards the Melding Cloud.

Melding Epicenter is accessed through Melding Tornadoes in Coral Forest. Players start in the center of a cylindrical map walled off by the Melding Cloud. Iron Ore spawns around the edge of the map for the players to collect, while simultaneously avoiding the steadily shrinking Melding Cloud walls. Iron Ore is the only resource that spawns in Melding Epicenter. The only ways out of Melding Epicenter are an exit portal, high up on the map (accessed by jumping up debris), or the players death.

The common strategy among players is to gather a handful of resources and then rush to the exit portal in order to escape alive, though some players instead choose to die within Melding Epicenter in order to grab as many resources as possible. Players can gain thousands of Iron Ore within a single instance of Melding Epicenter, making it currently one of the most efficient ways the gain Iron Ore.