Melding Anomaly Neutralizer

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The Melding Anomaly Neutralizer, or 'M.A.N' is a craft-able device which is used to destabilize a Melding Anomaly (by interacting with it).

Ingame Desription: A device that should neutralize a melding anomaly - what's the worst that could happen?

The device consists of an Empty Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (reusable part) and an Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell (consumable part/ammunition).

The total materials cost to build a empty melding anomaly neutralizer are as follows:

  • 114,000 Crystite
  • 4,250 of any Mineral (Metal or Composite)
  • 1,500 of any Metal
  • 2,750 of any Gas (Reactive or Inert)
  • 4,250 of any Organic (Biomaterials or Enzymes)

The total materials cost to build a encapsulated super-melded cell are as follows:

  • 10,000 Crystite
  • 7,500 Metals
  • 2,500 Composites
  • 7,500 Inert Gas
  • 2,500 Reactive Gas
  • 7,500 Biomaterial
  • 2,500 Enzymes
  • 1,500 Melded Glial Cell Smears
  • 300 Melded Blood Sample
  • 75 Melded Muscle Tissue

Check out Astrek Association's tutorial on how to craft a MAN


Empty Melding Anomaly Neutralizer


Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell