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The contents of this page have been deprecated, as they are out of date.

The game content this refers to was removed from the game on or before 2014-09-10

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Currently in Firefall, Melded Crystite is no longer obtainable or usable.

Melded Crystite is a form of Crystite found commonly in Melding Pockets. It can be found in Supply Crates but thumping poses the most certain means of obtaining it. Raider Squads, Chosen Drop Pods and local creatures can all drop/reward Melded Crystite too. One sound way to obtain it is to thump in the arctic, but is however, very dangerous. A somewhat safer method is to kill Raider Squads and Chosen Drop Pods, as completion of these events will reward 1000-2000 ""Melded Crystite"".

Melded Crystite is mainly used to power Melding Repulsors, to push back the Melding wall and subsequently reveal more playable area. Due to the possibility of them being attacked and disabled, they have to be defended against Tanken Raider and Chosen attacks.


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