Melded Aranha

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Melded Aranha


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  •  Leaps at target from a distance
Found In:
  •  New Eden


Melded Aranhas are Aranha Workers that have been affected by The Melding. They retain their ability to leap at targets from a distance, but do not gain any abilities from being affected by the Melding. Like other Melded Creatures, Melded Aranhas have had their bodies physically altered by the Melding, although it is purely aesthetic in this case. Melded Aranhas take on a grey and blue-purple hue similar to other Melded creatures, but remain the same size.

Melded Aranhas can be found naturally along the Melding wall like a number of other Melded creatures. Additionally, they are found in large numbers surrounding Melding Tornados and within the tornado's epicenter. They also spawn to attack Thumpers that are placed near the Melding wall.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups
  •  Melded Glial Cell Smear

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