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Manufacturing is the process by which players craft Nanoprints into usable items. Nanoprints are unlocked through the License trees. (Currently only non-Accord manufacturers in Tier 2 and above provide Nanoprints. Other items are placed directly into your inventory.)

Manufacturing is performed by accessing Molecular Printers, which can be found in most settlements. A Nanoprint is selected and resources are loaded into one of the available slots, which are shared between all printers. Once the manufacturing has been completed, the resulting item/s can be retrieved.

When crafting, players choose which Resources are used to manufacture that item. Different qualities of resource will create items with different statistics, and higher quality items will have higher PWC requirements. This means that players can either choose to wield a smaller selection of high-quality pieces of equipment on their Battleframe, or a larger variety of lower-quality parts, depending on their preferred style of play.

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