Mac's Custom Core

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Mac's Custom Core is a Prototype Battleframe Core acquired from the Amazon Warzone reputation vendor. It is only usable by Engineer battleframes, and functions as a cross between a health and energy core. Additionally, using an ability while the core is equipped grants all squadmates and deployables a temporary rate of fire boost.

Flavor Text and Bonuses

  • Only usable by Engineer archetype
  • While this core is equipped, activating any ability will grant your deployables and members of your squad a 5% Rate of Fire buff, lasting 10 seconds.

Mac doesn't say much, but when he does talk, it's about incomprehensible subjects such as "nano-optimizing emissive alacrity fields".

Base Stats

Level and Rarity Squad Rate of Fire Boost Jet Energy Health Bonus Health Item Level
40 Rare 5% 80 6700 HP 12.5% 44