Known Bugs

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A Wrench in the Plan: Mickeys corpse doesn't fade away
Combing the Desert: Vital Buzzard disappears in "Aid the Buzzard"
Drill Maintenance: Missing dialog: Cognac: "Keep it up and maybe I'll get you working on a big drill."
Bad Hacks: Dr. Delacroix says he's in Dredge after idling
Superhuman Computer: Hacker not usable after killing.
The Enemy of my Enemy: Typo in Albert's finishing speech.
Corporate Espionage: Typo in "Acess Terminal"
Sin Hacker Pt 2: Typo "perpsective"
Ration Runner: Final dialog has no actor
Thumping around (466, -789) in Sertao doesn't spawn enemies


SIN Towers in Sertao are always uplinkable.
Distance shown in Activity Tracker doesn't correspond to actual distance.
Putting items up for sale on the marketplace doesn't remove them from the inventory.
Medical Supplies blue and white text overlaps.


Missing texture at (515, 73) in Sertao
Floating model at (1578, -910) in Coral Forest
Floating model at (-1295, 503) in Sertao
Flickering decal at (-914, 1040) in Sertao
Bad collision at (-1438, 655) in Sertao
Bad vertex at (-837, 827) in Sertao


Scientist Alvarez portrait does not fit world model.


List of Items/Encounters/Enemies/etc. that have bugs