Kanaloa the Destroyer

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Kanaloa is a Titan raid located in Devil's Tusk. This instance is supported for a platoon of 10-20 players. The Kanaloa Raid can give rare or Kanaloa style equipment and modules that are rolled upon as well as one guaranteed reward that may or may not be rare.


To enter this raid, a player must be in a platoon as mentioned above, platoon members should be on the same player instance or shard. Players must also have completed a series of jobs given by the Kanaloa Job Board. These consist of the Hunter missions, Baneclaw, and Kanaloa the Destroyer. Players must be at least level 37 to enter the Kanaloa raid and 40 for it's Hardcore version.


Players start the raid in a volcanic tunnel that opens into a room filled with a magma pool. This room is filled with stalagmites and stalagtites. Players are encouraged to stand upon these platforms to avoid lava damage. Once Kanaloa the Destroyer spawns, the magma pool begins to rise. This is set to a timer and increased difficulty of finding footing as the raid continues.

Kanaloa has two main attacks. In one attack, Kana will breath fire directed at a targeted location. This gives players a few seconds to avoid once Kana locks it's direction and stops turning. Once Kana begins the breath attack players have a dozen or so seconds to attack the bubbles or zits upon Kana's back. In the other main attack Kana will find another targeted location, rear its head and surge toward the target until it impacts the wall. Upon impact, a repulsive blast knock players away and damages players that are close by if not anchored down.

In between attacks, Kana will swim around in the lava. Players may also attack Kana's back at this point as well. Whilst swimming around, Kana may launch boulders into the air which then target players, denoted by red triangles and a beeping sound. Players may destroy or push the rocks by damaging them. If hit, fire will also spawn for damage over time.