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The Inventory is brought up using the 'I' key by default.

Ui inventory.jpg

On the left hand side are tabs that show certain groups of items:

Ui inventory tab my inventory.jpg - Contains your equipment (that which isn't equipped in a loadout).

Ui inventory tab my resources.jpg - Contains your minerals, refined or otherwise, as well as any manufacturing parts you have made.

Ui inventory tab nanotemplates and refining.jpg - Contains your nanoprints, templates, research, and refining processes.

Ui inventory tab calldowns and consumables.jpg - Contains items such as your deployable thumpers or glider pads, and consumables like sonic detonators, and health or ammo packs. Also contains your scan hammer.

Along the top there is a filter that can be used to limit the items that are shown in the window to just one class:

Ui inventory filter.jpg

A sort method (which can be selected again to reverse the sort order):

Ui inventory sort.jpg

And a setting for the view:

Ui inventory view.jpg

Selecting list from this will give more detail on items, without having to mouseover them to show their tooltips (the same view as is used by vendors).

Ui inventory list view equipment.jpg - For equipment it shows the required level and type of battleframe.

Ui inventory list view nanoprint.jpg - For nanoprints, templates, research or refining processes, it shows which materials are needed to produce the item.

There is little difference between the 'Icons' and 'Tiled' views, other than the size of the icons used for items, and hence the number of columns shown.

In the bottom right your currency in crystite is shown:

Ui inventory crystite.jpg

And in the bottom left is a trash can, onto which items can be dragged to permanently destroy them:

Ui inventory trash.jpg

The white block to the right of the item listing is the drag control for the scroll bar.

Anything that shows up in red is unusable, either through not having the right battleframe equipped, not having it levelled enough, or not having the required materials to make it.