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This page was last updated during patch v0.7.1710. The current patch is v1.3.1869.

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Ingame Host is one of Firefall's Game Hosts, it provides API calls for all SIN related operations (Battleframe Garage, Molecular Printer, Inventory, etc.).


Even though the ingame host is using mutliple domains for different regions, the load seems to have been quite high and thus a secondary domain name was introduced - both seem to work for nearly all API calls. Make sure to check out each call, because some require you to send POST data, while others only work with GET calls.

List of Region Suffix

  • v01-ew1
  • v01-uw2

List of API Calls

Ingame Host Only

Web Content

Main Article: Web Content

Firefall is using Awesomium a browser toolkit to render HTML page, thus the ingame host provides quite a bit of web content. It goes from simply informal pages, over all sorts of icons and fonts to complex JavaScript files.