In the Wheelhouse

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This is a mission on the Dredge Job Board


Welcome to Sertao, ARES pilot! It's a great big desert out there, and jump jets just don't feel like enough. You could use an LGV, and the local Sheriff might be able to point you in the right direction.

NOTE: This is a Priority job for the first time in Dredge and rewards the player with the XLR LGV blueprint.


  • Meet Gunmetal Jack
  • Travel to the Wildlife Location
    • Eliminate 10 Dunes Wildlife
  • Meet the Astrek Courier
  • Escort the Astrek Courier to Dredge
  • Take the Data to the Buzzard Contact
    • Speak to the Buzzard Contact
    • Eliminate 4 Buzzards
    • Eliminate the Buzzard Contact
  • Visit Sheriff Nasseri