Icy Aranha

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Icy Aranha


Icy Aranha.png


  •  Leaps at target from a distance
  •  Snares nearby players when killed.
Found In:
  •  New Eden
  •  Antarctica


Icy aranhas are similar to the more common Aranha Worker, but create an icy burst upon death. This explosion snares any players in its radius for a short duration, giving other aranhas the chance to attack. They are identical in size to aranha workers, but their shells are an icy blue instead of the normal yellow of the aranha worker. Icy aranhas also leave a trail of frosted air as they move, although this it is purely aesthetic.

Like the aranha worker, icy aranhas regularly spawn in ARES Missions and for other World Events. They also spawn to attack Thumpers, but are less common than aranha workers in New Eden. Icy aranhas are much more prevalent in Antarctica due to the frigid environment.

The gland that allows icy aranhas to reach such low temperatures can occasionally be harvested from a dead aranha. This gland acts as a natural version of the Cryo Grenade, as it instantly freezes an area when thrown. This snares any nearby targets, but lacks the damage of the Cryo Grenade ability.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups
  •  Icy Aranha Gland

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