Hyper-Kinesis Module

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Hyper-Kinesis Modules, often abbreviated HKM, are a special kind of ability that requires being in combat for an extended period of time before being available for use. They are always found in the fourth ability slot on the player's HUD while on the Battleframe Garage screen, and only one can be equipped at a time.

Use of an HKM relies on the player's charge bar being full. The charge bar can be found at the bottom of the ability bar, and has three different states. Orange means that the player is no longer in combat, and the bar is slowly decaying. Yellow means that the player is in combat and the bar is currently being filled. Green means that the bar is filled and the HKM can be used. A player is counted as being in combat if they have dealt or received damage in the past few seconds. As long as the player remains in combat, their charge bar will fill. The speed at which the bar fills and decays is fully dependent on the equipped HKM, so dealing or taking more or less damage is irrelevant as long as the player is in combat.

Upon use of an HKM, the entire charge bar is depleted.

Just like normal abilities, HKM comes in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic quality. They also can be modded to improve on certain stats using the same Ability Module.

Available HKMs


Icon battleframe assault.png Accord Assault : Shockwave
Icon battleframe firecat.png Firecat : Fuel Air Bomb, Shockwave
Icon battleframe tigerclaw.png Tigerclaw : Shockwave, Tether Field


Icon battleframe biotech.png Accord Biotech : Accord Chemical Sprayer Arcfold
Icon battleframe dragonfly.png Dragonfly : Accord Chemical Sprayer Arcfold, Healing Dome
Icon battleframe recluse.png Recluse : Accord Chemical Sprayer Arcfold, Necrosis


Icon battleframe dreadnaught.png Accord Dreadnaught : Accord Mortar Launcher
Icon battleframe mammoth.png Mammoth : Accord Mortar Launcher, Tremors
Icon battleframe rhino.png Rhino : Accord Mortar Launcher, Dreadfield
Icon battleframe arsenal.png Arsenal : Accord Mortar Launcher, Shoulder Rockets


Icon battleframe engineer.png Accord Engineer : Anti-Personnel Turret
Icon battleframe bastion.png Bastion : Anti-Personnel Turret, Fortify
Icon battleframe electron.png Electron : Anti-Personnel Turret, Electrical Storm


Icon battleframe recon.png Accord Recon : Accord Artillery Strike
Icon battleframe nighthawk.png Nighthawk : Accord Artillery Strike, Eruption Rounds
Icon battleframe raptor.png Raptor : Accord Artillery Strike, Overload