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Holmgang shipment.png
The Holmgang Shipment


Holmgang Tech: Pirate Raid is a small-scale World Event which can be encountered north of Sunken Harbor.

If you are near Sunken Harbor and the event occurs, then Holmgang security will inform you that pirates have intercepted one of their shipments.

Holmgang Security: Damn pirates are trying to intercept one of our shipments. Go out there and make sure they don't succeed.

The event can be completed in two ways:

  1. Simply kill all the approaching pirates.
  2. Take a little risk and let the pirates set up their Arcporting Pylons first and kill them afterwards. Giving you the chance to reprogram one of the Arc-porters to reroute the shipment to Holmgang Tech (60 second time window after setup)


Pirates killed: Shipment re-routed: