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Hello! If you'd like to contribute to the wiki but don't know how, here's the place to start!


General Concepts

First things first: anyone can edit the wiki. Aside from the home page, everything is fair game. Just make sure you have reliable information, and use the {{Speculation}} template if you don't (but try to keep speculation to a minimum). Reliable information generally comes from two places, either directly from the game or from something directly from Red 5 developers, such as developer forum posts or the Affinity manga.

You can click the Edit button on the top of any page that you think needs to be changed. Try to keep your information as factual and concise as possible! Something like "Chosen Juggernauts have 2000 HP" is excellent, but "The Chosen are Jerks" should be kept to the forums. Some pages may also have an 'Edit With Form' button next to the normal edit button. This allows you to edit some basic information (e.g. a weapon's damage per round or fire rate) using a more user friendly interface, so feel free to use that if the normal wiki editing interface is not to your liking.

When editing pages, stick to the third person. Instead of saying 'you', use something along the lines of 'the player'. Additionally, try to avoid plural page names unless it is necessary (category pages are plural here). A page named 'Battleframe' is preferable to one named 'Battleframes'.

If you have a question, make use of the talk pages. Every page on the wiki has an associated talk page, accessed by clicking on the 'Discussion' tab in the upper left. Here, you can ask any questions or make suggestions regarding that specific page. Just make sure to sign your comments using four tildes, like this ~~~~.


Links are an important part of wiki editing. They can be made to either other wiki pages or external websites, although the process is similar for both.

To make a link to another wiki page, simply put the name of the page in between double square brackets. For example, to link to the Aranhas page, simply type [[Aranhas]]. If you want to link to a certain page, but want to display something other than the page name, simply add a vertical bar after the page name and then type what you want to be displayed. For example, [[Aranhas|little buggers]] shows up as 'little buggers', but links to the Aranhas page. Normally, a link will show up as blue. However, a link to a non existent page shows up as red.

Links to external sites are made in a similar fashion. Simply surround the link with a set of square brackets, like this: []. If you would like to display something instead of the url, simply type what you want before the second square bracket. For example, the link to the forums would look like [ forums].

For other formatting and editing basics, please look here.


When creating new pages, simply look for similar ones and copy over their layout and replace the wished data or just use any proper template that fits. To see how the templates work, see their respective page.

Click here for a list of all Templates.

Often used templates:

What To Edit

So you have the basics of wiki editing down, but you don't know where to get started. Here are some suggestions.

Expanding Stubs

Many pages on the wiki have only basic information established/layout, but not much more besides that. These pages are referred to as stubs, and have the {{Stub}} template on them. A list of pages marked as stubs can be found here.

Adding missing data

Some pages are mostly complete, but lack some minor information on some points or just clarification (like experience points and loot drops). Those can be found here.

Verify Stats

Here on the wiki, we have base and scaling stats for every piece of equipment in the game. A lot of these stats were originally pulled from older data mining information, meaning some could very well be out of date or wrong in the first place. If you have any crafting recipes researched, be sure to look through the corresponding pages and double check the information there.

Adding Pictures

If you would like to add some pictures to the wiki, here is a list of all the pages that are still missing pictures.

Create Wanted Pages

Anytime a link to a non-existent wiki page is created, it gets added to a list that can be found here. Some of these red links are leftover from the old progression system, so simply ignore those.

Browse Through The Wiki

If nothing else, just browse through the wiki and see if there's anything that looks like it needs to be changed.