Heavy Plasma MG

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Heavy Plasma MG

Heavy Plasma MG.png

"The Heavy Plasma MG fires a stream of plasma bullets that have a drop beyond short range. Alt-Fire shoots a barrage of inaccurate plasma pellets which briefly snare targets."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Plasma
Frame Restriction Mammoth
Spread 1.75
Rate of Fire 100 ms/burst
Splash Radius 1m
Alt-Fire Splash Radius 0.25m
Charge-Up Duration 0.75 seconds
Reload Speed 3 seconds
Magazine Size 250 ammo
Max Ammo 800
Range 80m


The Heavy Plasma MG is the Mammoth's signature weapon. It is a minigun-like weapon similar to the Heavy MG, but with a few major differences. The Heavy Plasma MG's rate of fire is significantly lower than the Heavy MG's, but the plasma rounds deal almost twice the damage. This results in an overall higher damage per second if all the rounds hit. However, the plasma rounds move fairly slowly, spread at longer ranges, and have a noticeable arc. This makes the effective DPS of the Heavy Plasma MG significantly lower on fast moving or distant targets.

The secondary fire launches multiple rounds at once, similar to a shotgun. These rounds snare targets hit by the projectiles.

Snare Rounds Secondary Fire

  • Plasma damage type.
  • Fires 10 rounds.
  • Rounds snare targets, slowing their speed.
  • Low rate of fire.
  • Higher DPS than primary fire if all rounds hit.

Affected By Perks

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