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Heavy Machine Gun
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"The Heavy Machine Gun saturates everything in short range with a plethora of bullets."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Kinetic (Bullet)
Frame Restriction Dreadnaught
Spread 2
Rate of Fire 65 ms/burst
Charge-Up Duration 0.75 seconds
Reload Speed 3 seconds
Magazine Size 250 ammo
Max Ammo 800
Range 80m


The Heavy MG is the Accord Dreadnaught's signature weapon. Its primary fire requires a short charge-up before firing moderately damaging bullets at an extremely high rate of fire. Its secondary fire raises a small energy shield that absorbs incoming damage from the front and goes on cool-down if broken. The secondary fire cannot be used while using the primary fire or while reloading.

Forward Shield Secondary Fire

  • Absorbs all incoming damage from the front.
  • Goes on cool-down if it absorbs too much damage.
  • Cannot be used while sprinting or reloading.

Crafted Variations

Barrier MG

Using Brontodon Ivory during crafting changes the weapon into the Barrier MG, which turns the secondary shield into an all-over personal shield which absorbs less damage from all angles.

  • "Heavy Machine Gun with full-sphere shielding effect."
  • Shield strength is around half of that of an equivalent Heavy MG.

Affected By Perks


  • Occasionally, the player will yell phrases such as "Killing time!" when firing the Heavy MG.

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