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This page was last updated during patch v1.0.1797. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Stock Healing Pillar
Healing Pillar.png
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Type Active
Cooldown 45 seconds
Duration 3 seconds
Projectile Speed (Range) 40 m/s
Self Heal Potency 20%
Healing 500 + 10 * (Item Lvl-1)
Effect Radius 5m
Base Damage 600 + 12 * (Item Lvl-1)


"Fires a projectile that creates a ring on the ground that heals allies and damages enemies after a duration"

Healing Pillar is a Dragonfly ability that places a green pad on the ground. For a short duration, allies on the pad will receive a small amount of healing. After this short chargeup, the pad explodes upwards, healing allies and damaging enemies on top of it. A percentage of the burst heal applied to allies is siphoned and applied to the Dragonfly. If the Dragonfly is within the pad when it explodes upwards, they will also be healed by the ability. However, the ability's siphoning will not apply to the burst healing applied to the Dragonfly.

Prefixes & Modules

Healing Pillar can come with the Barrage, Blitz, Cooled, Disruption, Potent, and Widened Prefix as well as the Custom prefix.

Modules that modify Recharge, AoE, and Potency can be used.

Modding Considerations

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Gameplay Notes

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Affected By Perks

Ares Suppliers

Healing Pillar can be bought at various levels from the following ARES Vendors using local vouchers.

Known Bugs

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