Healing Dome

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This page was last updated during patch v1.0.1797. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Stock Healing Dome
Healing Dome.png
Type Hyper-Kinesis Module
Charge speed 1
Duration 10 seconds
Lifesteal 5%
Heal strength 100 + 2 * (item Lvl - 1)
Effect Radius 8m


"Heals nearby allies and grants them a damage and lifesteal buff."

Healing Dome is a Dragonfly Hyper-Kinesis Module that causes a bubble to form around the Dragonfly. All allies inside, including the Dragonfly, are healed every second. Additionally, being inside the bubble grants a 5 second buff that increases damage by a percentage and grants the same percentage as lifesteal.

Prefixes & Modules

Healing Dome can come with the Barrage, Blitz, Cooled, Disruption, Enduring, Lasting, Potent, and Widened prefix as well as the Custom modifier.

Modules that modify Recharge, Potency, Duration, and AoE should be used for best effect.

Assault Fuel Air Bomb - Shockwave - Tether Field
Biotech Accord Chemical Sprayer Arcfold - Healing Dome - Necrosis
Dreadnaught Accord Mortar Launcher - Dreadfield - Shoulder Rockets - Tremors
Engineer Anti-Personnel Turret - Electrical Storm - Fortify
Recon Accord Artillery Strike - Eruption Rounds - Overload