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Grenade Launcher
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"Fires explosive shells that deal area of effect damage on impact. Use alt-fire for a timed explosive shell."
Weapon Type Secondary weapon
Damage Type Kinetic (Explosive)
Rate of Fire 1000 ms/burst
Splash Radius 3m
Reload Speed 2.5 seconds
Magazine Size 6 ammo
Max Ammo Unlimitedwarning.png"Unlimited" is not a number.
Range 150m


The Grenade Launcher is a secondary weapon suited for attacking multiple enemies at once. Its primary fire launches a grenade in a parabolic arc that detonates on contact with any surface, player or NPC, dealing area of effect damage to enemies. Its secondary fire launches a grenade in a similar fashion, but the grenade only detonates after several seconds. This can be used to fire around corners or over obstacles.

Like all secondary weapons, the Grenade Launcher can be equipped on any Battleframe.

Crafted Variations

  • Tri-Scatter: Alters the weapon to fire a spread of three smaller grenades.
  • Quad-Scatter: Alters the weapon to fire a spread of four smaller grenades.
  • Quint-Scatter: Alters the weapon to fire a spread of five smaller grenades.
  • Cluster: Fires a timed grenade that bursts into many smaller grenades.

Affected By Perks

Secondary Weapons
Assault Rifle - Burst Rifle - Grenade Launcher - Shotgun - Sub-Machine Gun