Glacial Aranha

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Glacial Aranha


Glacial Aranha.png


  •  Ranged attacks that cause ice to erupt from the ground on impact
Found In:
  •  Antarctica


The Glacial Aranha is a subspecies of aranha that has adapted to the harsh climate of Antarctica. Its closest cousin appears to the be the Aranha Sieger, as they are similar in size and possess similar abilities. The glacial aranha shares the ability to launch projectiles at threats from a distance, but these projectiles have the added effect of creating ice formations when impacting terrain. Glacial aranhas' shells have adapted to blend in with the snow and ice of Antarctica, appearing white and icy blue. Additionally, glacial aranhas carry large ice formations on their backs, although whether this is actually part of the aranha or just a byproduct of living in a frigid climate is unknown.

Glacial aranhas are a common sight in Antarctica, commonly found roaming freely. They are also very defensive of their home, appearing in droves to attack any Thumper placed in the area.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups

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