Giant Aranha

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Giant Aranha


Giant Aranha.png


  •  Ranged projectile attack
Found In:
  •  New Eden


Giant Aranhas are one of, if not the largest, types of aranhas found on earth. They are on par in regards to size to Crystite Aranhas, but possess different abilities. They can launch egg-like projectiles at targets from a distance, and can spawn Small Aranha Spinners at will. Giant Aranhas have distinct dark red and beige shells not shared by other aranhas.

Giant Aranhas can only be found in certain ARES Mission areas, and even then only spawn randomly. They make up for this by providing a larger experience reward than other aranhas, and by providing non-standard rewards such as Crystite Resonators.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups

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