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This page was last updated during patch Patch Notes v1-3-1861. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
This article may be outdated. Please check the Patch Notes for more details.

About FireFall

What is Firefall ?

Firefall is a team-based action shooter combining deep character progression with an open-world cooperative campaign that can be shared with hundreds of other players. Firefall will also have a rich competitive multiplayer component incorporating built-in features such as clan support, ladders, tournaments and stats.

Firefall takes place on Earth, but it is an Earth transformed. The year is 2233. A highly efficient form of energy was discovered by utilizing the resource Crystite. The overuse of Crystite led to the disastrous arrival of the Melding, an energy storm that has engulfed the majority of the planet. You play as a surviving human in the eye of the Melding storm.

Recently, humanity has been fighting for survival against a race calling themselves the Chosen. They emerged from the Melding with only one known goal, the destruction of the human race.

When was FireFall Officially released ?

29th July 2014.

Is Firefall an MMO?

No. Firefall is first and foremost an action shooter. We incorporated a lot of elements that you might find in various genres, including MMOs, but it is not an MMO in the traditional sense. We are so excited about Firefall that we want to make sure everyone can play it and join their friends in the game. Firefall is available online for download and play for absolutely free.

Is there a subscription fee?

FireFall is a Free To Play game, open to anyone, but there is a VIP account available for purchase for those who are interested. VIP accounts are available in several timeframes, going as low as one day.

The VIP account is not 'pay to win'. The primary benefit is a boost to XP and Crystite earnings, but there are other benefits too.

When is the next patch or major update?

A major game overhaul, across several patches, is roughly scheduled for early 2016. Much more detail can be found on the following wiki page: Development Updates

Is there a Beta Test Server?

Yes. The PTS beta test server is open to the general public. Information on how to participate in the beta test can be found on the forums at this link:

PTS participation information

ARES Jobs/Missions, Campaign & Open World Encounters


Q: What are ARES Jobs?

A: Repeatable on demand dynamic narrative-driven content.

Q: Where can I find them?

A: Located near every SIN tower in every major point of interest (POI).

Q: How do I quit a jobs?

A: Head to any Job board and Press E to open. Select the "Abort mission" which will be a red button top right of the jobs window.

Q:Which gear rewards do I get after each jobs ?

A: All item rewards from Ares Jobs will be Uncommon or higher quality.

Q: Can I use the job board to select jobs higher than my level ?

A: Job Boards can be accessed by Pilots in a battleframe up to 5 levels below the prescribed level of the board.


Q: How do I enter missions?

A: Go to any Dropship (black/light grey)located at ( add ;wp) then press E. Available missions will be highlighted.

Q: Are the missions replayable ?

A: Yes. But only instance missions you que for via the dropship. Missions 2 & 4 are one time only missions.

Q: Do I have to restart from the beginning if I fail?

A: No, you will start at a checkpoint.

Q: How do I leave a mission?

A: Press Esc - Leave zone or type /leavezone.

Q: Normal & Hardcore difficulty

A: As you progress they become more difficult with 'Hardcore' being at the end and less forgiving than normal.

Q: What level do I have to be for Hardcore mode ?

A: Level 38 or higher.

Campaign Tokens

Q: How are Campaign Tokens earned ?

A: Players are rewarded a token each time they play finish a campaign instance and Operations on Hardcore.

Q: Is there a limit on how many I earn in a day ?

A: You can earn up to 7 tokens on a given calendar day.

Q: When does the Calendar day reset ?

A: It's based on GMT which means it currently resets at 4:00PM PST

Q: Where can I spend Campaign Tokens ?

A: There are 3 Campaign Vendors at Kanaloa Research Station. They are located by the SIN Tower inside the bunker at the entrance tunnel to Kanaloa.


Q: When does Skydock restart ?

A: 60mins when the last one ended.


Battleframes are sets of armor and weapons that denote your class in Firefall. You will customize these pieces of armor and weapons through modules and upgrades to create your own unique style of play. Battleframes can be switched out during gameplay at a battleframe station, giving you the option to change tactics on-the-fly.

Q: How do I get Pilot tokens?

A: You will recieve 10 Pilot Tokens upon reaching max level (40) with any battleframe. You can then use those 10 tokens to purchase an advanced BattleFrame via the BattleFrame Garage. Tokens can also be used to purchase level 40 Epic gear in Devil's Tusk.

Q: What is a Pilot License ?

A: A Pilot License is another way to unlock battleframes. You can purchase them via the market (T) under the "Unlocks" tab, with credits. The price varies based on supply and demand.

Q: What's the Max BattleFrame Level?

A: 40

Q: How can I find my frame's level?

A: Press P - bottom right above "Paintshop" or "v effective level" if you're in a zone where the max zone level is lower than your frame's level.

Q: Are there any rewards for maxing out a frame to level 40?

A: Players will receive a 10% permanent XP boost per max level frame.

Marketplace & Currencies


Q: How do I open the Market?

A: There are terminals located in major POI with a green circle with "$" in the middle that you can interact with. Or you can press T.

Q: "Buy Orders" How does it work?

A: This allows you to set an item that you’re looking for, the quantity you want, and the price per item you want to pay for it. Sellers who have that particular item or resource can then fill the order with the click of a single button. Not only is this good for the buyer who gets exactly the item they want, but also for the seller, as it avoids them having to pay listing fees (though selling fees are still assessed).

Q: I keep getting a blank error box when selling items.What does it mean?

A: It maybe due to one of the reasons listed below

  • You maybe listing more than 8 items or 16 (V.I.P.)
  • You may have an insufficient amount of Credits to cover the listing fee.
  • It could likely be the case that your inventory is full, in which case you would need to reduce your inventory in order to list additional items on the marketplace.


Q: What can I spend them on?


  • Priority Arcport
  • Teleport instantly from the map to any friendly controlled SIN tower that you have unlocked (within your current zone).
  • Self-Revive - Revive yourself in the same location after being killed (Does not work in raid missions or in PvP).
  • Unslot Modules
  • Safely remove the modules in any item, returning them to your inventory.
  • And more!

Q: Whats the daily limit?

A: Each day, the Accord will purchase up to a quota of 25,000 Crystite from each ARES Pilot. For every 25 Crystite, the Accord pays 1 Credit. This means you can get up to 1000 Credits every day.

Q: Do they expire?

A: Credits don’t expire, so you can save up as many as you like!

Q: Whats the credit Exchange?

A: It allows players to convert their Crystite into credits as well as exchanging credits and red beans with other players. If you have a lot of Red Beans, and want Credits, you can list your Red Beans as a “sell order” on the exchange. Likewise, if you have extra Credits you’d like to exchange, you can use them to obtain Red Beans. It's completely player driven.

Q: How does the exchange work?

A: Players looking for credits or redbeans can exchange for either on the market that is completely player driven under "Exchange".


Q:What is Crystite used for ?

A: Crystite is needed to convert into Credits, Crafting, researching, purchasing some small items from NPC vendors, repairing gear, and more will still all take Crystite, ensuring that even Crystite gained beyond the 25,000 daily Crystite to Credit conversion limit will still have an important use.


Coral Forest

Q: Whats the level range?

level 1 to level 24 areas

  • Copacabana: 1 - 5
  • Northern Shores: 6 - 9
  • Thump Dump & Cerrado Plains: 10 - 13
  • Trans Hub Command & Nutretic Processing: 14 - 15
  • Broken Shores & Biosphere Research Facility: 16 - 17
  • Sunken Harbor: 18 - 19
  • Stonewall, Sigu's Sanctuary & Shanty Town: 20 - 24


Q:Whats the level Range? level 25 to level 36

  • Dredge: 25 - 28
  • Andreev Station: 29 - 30
  • Orbital Comm Tower & Forward Operating Base Sagen: 31 - 32
  • The Nest & Lab 16: 33 -34
  • Tecumseh Airbase: 35 - 36

Devil's Tusk

Q:Whats the level Range? level 37 to level 40

  • Devils Tusk Sensor Array, Foreword Operating Base Harpoon, Chosen Mining Camp & Kaimuki Research Station: 37 - 38
  • Forest Watch, Chosen Bulwark, Crossroads Station: 38 - 39
  • Chosen Artillery, Kanaloa Research Station, Chosen Omnidex, Chosen Station, Camp Jasper, Chosen Prison Watch 39 - 40

Broken Peninsula

Q: How do I get to the OWPVP Zone?

Take the Melding Fragment Arcfolder located at:

  • Copacabana [-554,-483]
  • Trans Hub [-1027,-857]
  • Sunken Harbor [857, 1504]
  • Thump Dump [-1638. 1470]

Q: What can I do in Broken Peninsula ?

A: Zone Control, collect resources.

Q: How big is Broken Peninsula?

A: It's the same size as Coral forest.

Q: Is there any PvE elements ?

A: Dropping an SRT will spawn the usual array of creatures that are attracted to the noise it generates. In addition, wandering encounters will spawn throughout the zone, meaning you may run into bandits, superbugs, or possibly even Melding Tornados while playing.

Q: Other than players who should I watch out for?

A: Chosen will be your biggest non player threat. You will more than likely run into large squads that will drop in that will attack bases or thumpers in the area along with Incursions and Death Squads.

Q: Do I have to be a high level?

A: Although NPC's are balanced to be maxed-level appropriate. Players of lower levels are certainly more than welcome to participate, and those of a high enough skill level will likely be able to make an impact, but they will definitely have to tread lightly.

Q: Are there vehicles ?

A: Yes. You can get both MGV's & LGV's both come with weapons. You can get LGV's from captured ( blue) watchtowers and MGV's from 1 of the 3 outposts. Half Moon Bay, Wetlands & Harbor Side but must be captured ( blue). Each location has vehicle terminals.



Q: Can you fly them ?

A: No you can't take the pilots seat. Dropships are Firafall's form of automated fast travel between the various POI's.

Q: How do you board and exit?

A: Hold E to board and to exit. You can also exit mid flight. A glider will deploy and you glide to your destination or where ever takes your fancy.

Q: Why are some of the destinations blue ?

A: Blue destinations are the main major POI's such as Copacabana,Trans Hub, Sunken Harbor and Thump Dump.


Q: How do I obtain a glider and are they permanent ?

A: there are different ways you can obtain gliders, both 1-time use and permanent.

  • Vending Machine: Both single use and permanent gliders can be won via the Vending Machine.
  • Red Bean Store: There are currently three permanent gliders available in the RB store.
  • Marketplace: You can buy both glider types from other players on the marketplace, including gliders not available in the RB store
  • VIP: When you have VIP active you will be given a permanent glider with a 2 second boost.
  • Crafting: You can craft a single use glider via the Molecular Printer


Q: What are the ways I can get a LGV ?

A: There are many ways you can get them both 1 time use and permanent:

  • Rentals: Watchtowers have a rental terminal at the base of the tower. These are single use bikes
  • Red Bean Store: There are currently 4 LGV's available in the store
  • Marketplace: You can purchase both single use and perma bikes here. The selection and price will vary.
  • P-1 : Rewarded from ARES Job Board "Graduation" from Nutretic Processing (lvl 14 area). It's also available to new players after 24hrs (needs to be redeemed in the 24 hours following that). All new players also get the blueprint from the start.
  • Cobra XLR: Blueprint from the Dredge ARES Job "In the Wheelhouse" level 25
  • 1 Time Use: Have a chance to obtain using Copper Tokens at the vending machine.
  • Damaged Courier Cycle: 1 time use cycle sometimes acquired from Crashed LGV events.
  • Cobra R-54: 175 from Red Bean store
  • Omnidyne-M: Can be purchased from the market or slot machine using Omnidyne-M token.
  • Lancer M3: Purchased from Corporal Belle at Kanaloa Research Station for 200 campaign tokens


Q: How do I get one?

A: You can purchase MGV's (Bumbleebee) via the new Transportation pack or you can purchase the "Snowsquall" MGV via the red bean store for 400.It will soon go to it's full price of 400 Red Beans but will remain in the store.

Q: Are they Permanent ?

A: Yes all MGV's purchased are permanent.

Rewards & Programs

Log in Rewards

Q: How do they work ?

A: Each day you log in, you advance one step on a five step track earning rewards such as Crystite,XP and resources based on your progress on the log in track.

Q: What are the rewards ?

  • Day 1: +5% XP for the next hour
  • Day 2: +5% XP & Crystite for the next hour
  • Day 3: +5% XP, Crystite & Reputation vouchers for the next hour
  • Day 4: +10% XP, +5 Crystite & Reputation vouchers for the next hour
  • Day 5: +10% XP, Crystite & Reputation Vouchers for the next hour.

Plus bonuses don’t just stop after an hour of playing! While you’re playing Firefall, rewards from other content, such as Ares Jobs, can occasionally include additional temporary XP boosts, providing you with even more rewards to continue playing.

Q: Where do I activate my Log in Reward ?

A: Press ESC and you will see it on the right.

Game Session Rewards

Q: Will it replace the daily log in reward ?

A: No it does not replace the daily reward but will act as a added bonus.

Q:What are the rewards ?

  • 5 Minutes after logging in, players receive a small reward of Crystite.
  • 15 Minutes after claiming the first reward players will receive small to medium consumables varying from a stack of 2-3 grenades, small health packs, ammo packs, energy packs, etc.
  • 30 Minutes after claiming the second reward players will receive stronger consumables which vary from 1 large health pack, 1 adrenaline injector, etc.
  • 60 minutes after the third reward players will receive a small reward of credits as the final timed reward for the day.

Q: How does it work ?

A: Timers start when you log in and based of that game session. If you are to log off the timer will restart.

Q: How do I get the reward(s) ?

A: Enter mouse mode (Enter) at the top next to the icon will be a green button with "Submit Report". Left click to receive your reward(s).


Q: What is the VIP Program ?

A: Provides boosts to various types of game play as well as the existing increases to market and crafting slots. It also includes a special glider to help you travel the world.

Q: Does VIP stack ?

A: Yes. Stacks with boosts purchased from the store or earned through game play such as from daily log ins or mission rewards. Also stacks with Founder bonuses.

Q: What are the benefits?

  • +25% earned crystite,XP and reputation vouchers
  • +2 crafting workbench slots
  • 8+8 Market Slots
  • Access to the VIP Boosted glider pad (Kicks of with a 1 second duration)

Q: How do I purchase VIP?

A: You can purchase VIP via the market,Red bean store or in special packs.


Q: How do I get a scanhammer ?

A: Scanhammers can now be purchased at ARES vendors across the world.

Q: Where do I find Hybrid resources ?

A: Find a printer (has the wrench and anvil icon crossed above printers) go to: Manufacture - Crafting Components - Resource Hybrid.

Q: What are the types of resources ?

A: There are 3 main types of resources, but they will be renamed to metals, biomaterials, and electronics.

Q: Where can I find them ?

A: Metals will be gained by thumping, biomaterials by refining drops from creatures, and electronics by salvaging drops from humanoids. This means that if there is a certain type of resource you need, you’ll be able to easily go and find that resource.

Q: Where exactly do I find _____?

  • Copperwiring: Junk Salvage & Battleframe levels 1 - 19
  • Semiconductors: Circuit Salvage & Battleframe levels 20 - 29
  • Crystatic Powercells: Powercell Salvage & Battleframe levels 30 - 39
  • Optical Coolers: Controller salvage & Battleframe level 40

  • Iron Bars: Refined from Iron Ore.
  • Titanium Bars: Refined from Titanium Ore
  • Tungsten Bars: Refined from Tungsten Ore

  • Synthetic Ligatures: Metal/electronic Fiber Connectors (craftable)
  • Adaptive Fibers: Environment - reactive fibrous material (craftable)
  • Thermonic Transformer: Metal/electronic (craftable)

Dark Crystite

Q: Where do I find Dark Crystite ?

A: You can find it in Devil's Tusk by running ARES missions,thumping and is also known to drop from Chosen Strike teams.

Q: Where do I obtain the Blueprint?

A: You will get the blueprint when you interact with the War Effort Terminal at Crossroads.*

Q: Where in the printer do I find it ?

A: Manufacture - Mission Items - Infused Dark Crystite Cores.

Q: What is Dark Crysite used for?

A: Dark Crystite is used for the War effort to push back the melding in Devil's Tusk.


Q: I'm running into various bugs, such as interface issues, waypoints disappearing, crystite to credit conversion not working, items purchased with beans, tokens or credits not showing up in my account.

  • If you purchased something from the player market (not the Red Bean store), your item is delivered via game mail. Press 'B' to open your mail window, make sure the mail tab is selected at the top, and then read your mail. You will see a 'Claim' button at the bottom of the email. You also claim credits from market sales this way.
  • For other issues, first type /rui into the chatbox. This resets the entire user interface. It may take up to 30 seconds if your computer is slow. A large number of bugs can be fixed this way, and it is the #1 recommended solution to try whenever you're not sure.
If /rui does not work, try logging out and back in. Once you have tried both of those solutions, if you're still having trouble, ask for help in game chat or on the forums.

Q: Is everyone ARES 35 ?

  • Yes we are. Welcome to the club :)

Q: How do I activate my pet?

  • Press C -Pets - Left click on your pet - Press 5 to activate and again to deactivate.

Q: How can I see my FPS ?

  • /showFPS and again to hide it.

Q: How can I see my Ping ?

  • /showping and again to hide it.

Q: Why doesn't caps lock work?

  • Caps lock activates the push-to-talk for chat but you need a microphone and be in a squad.

Q: So voice chat isn't over an area or zone?

  • No, it's just for squads. It doesn't work for platoons.

Q: How do I exit my bike?

  • Press E or rebind your key-settings (see options menu).

Q: I received this sweet crate of goodies, how do I activate it?

  • Open your Inventory and drag it it to your 5th slot. Press 5 and you have it :).

Q: I'm trying to post my location in chat since I need some help with what I'm doing and it doesn't work?

  • ---> ;loc (semi-colon and 'loc' with no spaces) is the correct code, or try using ;pos (if you're using the German language setting)