Elite Blood King Dreadnaught

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Elite Blood King Dreadnaught


Elite Blood King Dreadnaught.png


  •  Heavy Laser MG
  •  Shield Wall
Found In:
  •  Research Station


Elite Blood King Dreadnaughts are one of the Blood King's elite units, possessing more firepower and abilities than their standard units. They appear to pilot Arsenal Battleframes painted in the grey-blue and red color scheme of the Blood Kings. Despite piloting Arsenals, they wield the Rhino's Heavy Laser MG and can use the Mammoth's Shield Wall ability. They are also covered in a full-body shield similar to the ones used by Bandit Chiefs. Strangely, Elite Blood King Dreadnaughts do not immediately die when reduced to zero health, instead becoming downed. In this downed state, a player can execute the unit for bonus experience.

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