Elite Blood King Assault

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Elite Blood King Assault


Elite Blood King Assault.png


  •  Three round burst Nova Cannon
Found In:
  •  Research Station


Elite Blood King Assaults are one of the Blood King's elite units, possessing more firepower than their standard units. They are considerably larger than a normal human, closer in size to a Siegebreaker. They pilot a what appears to be a modified version of the Tigerclaw Battleframe, keeping all its components except for the reactor on its back. The battleframe is painted in the grey-blue and red color scheme associated with the Blood Kings. They also have a strange arm piece identical the ones found on Elite Blood King Dreadnaughts, Bandit Dreadnaughts, Elite Bandit Gunners, and Bandit Chiefs whose purpose is unknown. They wield a three round burst Nova Cannon similar to the ones used by Chosen Siegebreakers. Like the Chosen weapon, it requires a brief charge up period before firing large plasma bursts.

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