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Durability tooltip.png
Almost worn out.


Durability reflects the amount of damage a piece of equipment can take before it stops working. Durability is indicated in an item's tooltip, for example 854/1000 (2895), with the first number indicating the current and the second number the maximum durability. Prior to Firefall 1.0, an optional number in parentheses indicated the available repair pool, if any.

Items lose durability while the player is in "battle" status. This status is active for 10 seconds everytime the player receives damage, deals damage or heals. The decay rate is around 1 point of durability lost every 2 mins of "battle status".

Since Firefall 1.0, all equippable items and abilities have a maximum durability of 1000, lose durability as described above while the player is considered "in combat", and can be repaired at will at a Battleframe Garage in exchange for Crystite. Unlike pre-1.0 Firefall, items can always be repaired and can never be rendered permanently broken.

Legacy Mechanics

The mechanics listed below were present in pre-1.0 Firefall and are no longer applicable to the current state of the game mechanics. They remain here for reference.

Repair Pool

Crafted items have a repair pool and can be repaired at the Battleframe Garage by clicking on the Maintenance button. Each time the repair pool is lowered by the amount of damage repaired. When the repair pool reaches zero, the item can no longer be repaired.

Dropped items and items with an exhausted repair pool cannot be repaired and become useless when their durability reaches zero, although they can still be sold to a vendor for a small amount of Crystite.

Stock Gear

Stock has infinite durability and never takes any damage, thus not requiring any repair.


Craft that add repair pool.

Name Crystite Durability
Structural Reinforcement I 500 500
Structural Reinforcement II 2,500 1,000
Structural Reinforcement III 5,000 1,500
Structural Reinforcement IV 7,500 2,000
Structural Reinforcement V 10,000 2,500
Quantum Reinforcement I loot 500 (+10% total pool)
Quantum Reinforcement II loot 1,000 (+10% total pool)
Quantum Reinforcement III  ? 1,500 (+10% total pool)
Quantum Reinforcement IV  ? 2,000 (+10% total pool)
Quantum Reinforcement V  ? 2,500 (+10% total pool)