Discreet Science

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This is a mission on the Broken Shores Job Board


Accord Scientists in Broken Shores rely on a military presence to secure data discovered from the crashed alien tech. The war has spread the Accord thin, however, and fewer bodies are available to protet the valuable discoveries. Someone has taken advantage of this lapse in security, and Science Officer Nakamura needs your help to secure the data.


  • Find the Guard and his Friends
    • Eliminate 5 Bandits
    • Confront the Bandit Contact
  • Intercept the Buyers
    • Eliminate 10 Bandits
    • Activate 1 Objective
  • Confront the Bandit Contact
    • Eliminate 12 Bandits
    • Eliminate Bandit Contact'
    • Activate 1 Objective
  • Meet with Science OFC Nakamura


  • Chance Item
  • XP
  • 1x Copper Vending Token

+1700 rep