Dirty Deeds

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Dirty Deeds - Cart.jpg


Finding a Vehicle-Mounted Repulsor is no easy task and will require a visit to the black market, where vendors would rather trade in favors then crystite. Will the price be too high?

Players unlock this mission once their frame is level 12 (players that are above level 15 will be capped to 15). This is a reworked version of the previous Tanken Cave-instance. Players can start this mission directly from one of the Arcfolders/Stationary Dropships, or use the Mission Ledger. With the latter they will first need to meet with Oilspill to get a call from Foston (an assistant of Vic the Crow). After the call the player gets a waypoint to a nearby Bandit Cave Door to get a list of available missions (choose Dirty Deeds and the mission progresses just like a direct start).

The Encounter

The player gets teleported to a cave. Near the spawnpoint there's a thumper placed on a cart that the player needs to protect, interacting with it will make it start following a path through the cave tunnels. These tunnels are divided into separate sections by doors that can be opened by keys that drop after all the enemy bandits are killed. Along the way there are also turrets that can greatly damage the thumper, making them a priority to destroy.

If the thumper gets damaged during the mission then the player can repair it by picking up one of the nearby Thumper Repair Units and bring it to the thumper.

If the thumper makes it through all 5 sections, it will crash into a deeper section. Interacting with it will start a fight with an end boss and his bandits. During it the local wildlife starts to arrive to have a three-way fight.

After defeating the boss the thumper will launch through a hole in the roof of the cave and an Arcporter will spawn as an exit-point back to Coral Forest.


  • 21902 XP
  • 211 crystite
  • One random item at around level 12.