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Upcoming 1.6 Patch Series in 2016

Since spring of 2015, the FireFall Dev team has been working full time on a new series of major patches, due for release beginning early in 2016. There is no exact ETA at this time. There is no further work planned for the current version of the game as all resources are being put into the 1.6 patch.

A large number of game-wide changes are taking place, constituting an overhaul of the game.

For all of the details, including video interviews and chat, see the following links:

PTS Spotlight Update 1.6

PTS Notes (Play Test Server)

Video - Firefall dev team discussion of upcoming patch

The PTS beta test server is open to the general public. Information on how to participate in the beta test can be found on the forums at this link:

PTS participation information


The remainder of this page is out of date

Development Updates are a new feature in the forums with the intention of keeping the playerbase up to date on what is happening at Red5 Studios regarding the development process of Firefall.

"We’ve decided to start writing development updates as a team in order to better communicate with you what our plans are and where Firefall is headed. These updates will sometimes be very detailed and other times they will be rough overviews of what’s happening at the studio. The ultimate goal is to create more awareness and provide official communication about the game outside of the forum updates and Firefall Live."


Issue #1: OCTOBER 18TH, 2013

Issue #2: OCTOBER 25TH, 2013

Issue #3: NOVEMBER 1ST, 2013

Issue #4: NOVEMBER 8TH, 2013