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This page was last updated during patch v0.7.1718r2. The current patch is v1.3.1869.

This article may be outdated. Please check the Patch Notes for more details.



Every day the player logs in and enters the game the player will get a 1 hour boost, which you can activate when you press ESC on the right by clicking Activate Boost. The boost will increase each consecutive day to up to 5 days. If the player misses a day, however, his progress will reset to the first day.

The rewards are as follows:

  • 1st day- +5% XP for the next hour
  • 2nd day- +5% XP and Crystite for the next hour
  • 3rd day- +5% XP, Crystite and Reputation vouchers for the next hour
  • 4th day- +10% XP, +5% Crystite and Reputation vouchers for the next hour
  • 5th day- +10% XP, Crystite and Reputation vouchers for the next 2 hours


There are also small rewards for being online for a certain amounts of time. This happens in 4 stages with the timer being based off of when you collect the previous reward for time played. To access these rewards, the player must enter mouse mode and collect the reward in the top left corner under the player name for the default UI setup.

The timer is as follows:

1) 5 minutes online

2) 15 minutes online

3) 30 minutes online

4) 1 hour online

That's a total of 1 hour and 50 minutes to get all of the rewards. Logging off early will reset the timer to the most recent time block, e.g., if you are 13 minutes into the 30 minute timeblock and you logoff, when you log back on you will have to start that 30 minute timeblock over again.

There is a daily timer that resets this as well (more info needed here on whether this is a hard limit or dynamic daily timer)

The rewards for this are as follows (update requested):

1) A small amount of Crystite, usually around 100

2) One or more consumable items, such as grenades, adrenaline, energy, as well as single use jumpads and celestial glider wings.

3) Same as number 2

4) Around 100 credits, usually ranging between 95 and 109

It is important to reiterate that each of the timers must be manually started by clicking the 'claim' button. If you forget to click it for 15 minutes, then that is 15 minutes lost that will not be applied to the next time block.