Crystite Aranha

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Crystite Aranha


Crystite Aranha.png


  •  Spawns destroyable crystite crystals that increase its damage
  •  Ranged lightning attack (more powerful the more crystals in the vicinity)
Found In:
  •  New Eden


Crystite Aranhas are large aranhas that have incorporated large Crystite formations into their shell. This gives them the strange ability to generate deadly electrical currents to use against foes. They also have the ability to create large destructible crystal formations that increase the damage of their electrical attacks. Crystite Aranhas have light and dark blue legs and shells, which match the large crystite formations attached to their backs.

Crystite Aranhas are quite rare, only randomly appearing in certain ARES Mission areas. They make up for their uncommon presence by being very resilient to small arms fire, particularly for an aranha.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups

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