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This page was last updated during patch v0.7.1683. The current patch is v1.3.1869.

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Crystite drop.png
A Crystite crystal


Crystite is a substantial energy source discovered by humanity after the event known as the Firefall. It was discovered in the debris of the asteroid that caused the event by Shigeru Ichizoku of Enermax Industries, who pioneered the method of turning it into a power source.

How a crystite reactor works, from the Twelve Days of Firefall:

"Like the positive and negative potential of a battery, it is the difference between polar opposites that create energy. crystite is the positive of the battery. When the reactor is switched on and a mild current run through the ore, the negative momentarily appears on the other side of the reactor. This negative mass is the crystite's exhaust which becomes energized by the crystite in what we call the Shizuma Field. It is with the Shizuma Field that we can tap into the electromagnetic aspects that generate the massive amounts of energy we have become accustomed to."

Crystite has shown to not follow the known laws of physics. It is crystite's unnatural response to gravity that was the reason Humanity was unable to predict the correct path of the Firefall asteroid. Crystite has the peculiar property of naturally bonding with some elements or compounds found on earth, creating growing crystal structures of hybrid composition. The growth rate is quite fast, and large crystals can be formed in a matter of months, and entire fields of hybrid Crystite have been found that extend for acres. At the heart of these structures is always the seed of pure crystite. Finding it can be a daunting task, but valuable, as seed crystite produces the greatest amount of energy in pure electrical form.

It is also the de-facto currency in game, and is used to unlock Army Tech and weapon upgrades.

Crystite can be obtained as loot by killing monsters or as products of refining processes at the Molecular Printer.

Crystite Variations

Crystite Hybrids have different effects. When Crystite is energized with a laser of sufficient energy and wavelength, the lattice structure resonates. The hybrid crystite compounds, the type of laser used, and the energy involved determine the actual effect. Compounds can give off heat when energized, bolts of lighting, or even heavy gravitational effects and even anti-gravitational effects. It is these different hybrids and their energized states which enable Battleframes to have so many unique abilities. At the Time of Writing (20/01/2014), Ver 0.7.1735 has no Seed Crystite Hybrids, which were originally obtained during Resource Refining and were needed in Battleframe Equipment manufacturing.

Seed Crystite is finite, and finding it is extremely valuable. It can be used to create energy in the form of Powercells, or bred with other compounds to create modules and circuits to achieve never before dreamed of technology. The only abundant source of Seed Crystite comes from Alpha Prime. Abundance is a relative term, as Seed Crystite is often measured in grams, such is its preciousness.

Melded Crystite used to be found in Antarctica, Diamondhead, New Eden, and Sargasso Sea by Thumping resources, Killing Melding Mobs, destroying Melding Shards dropped by Tornados and killing Chosen. Currently, it is no longer obtainable or usable.

Beta Crystite was a special pre-open beta resource. It was used to purchase in-game Items, such as Angel Wing Glider Pads and Red LGV's.

Dark Crystite can be found in Devil's Tusk, starting around the level 39 missions as Job board mission rewards or thumping in high-enough areas. It can be maufactured into crystite cores of different levels in order to support the [[Accord War Effort] and push back the melding in Devil's Tusk. Infused dark crystite was used for the war effort headquartered at the Crossroads, and currently Powered dark crystite is being used to support the war effort at Kanaloa Research Station. After the War Effort to retake the zone was completed, the resource, at the moment, is only used for crafting Light, Medium and Heavy Melded Chambers.

Crystite Usage

Crystite is used as in game currency for a vast multitude of items. It can be used to buy items or recipes from reputation vendors. It is used in the research and manufacturing of battleframe equipment for crafting. Crystite can also be converted into credits to buy items from the market.

Where to find Crystite

Crystite is abundant in the world and it isn't difficult to find but concentrating large collections of it is difficult. Below listed are all the ways Crystite can be obtained and the relative amount of Crystite dropped from each in Brackets.

-Dropped from killing Mobs (Low)
-Completing a Crashed LGV or Crashed Thumper Event (Low)
-Racing between Racing Terminals (Low)
-Taking a Data Pad inside an ARES mission to Accord/Bandit Terminals (Low)
-Completing Objectives in other Instances (Low/Medium)
-Dropped from Item Creates (Low/Medium)
-Competing an ARES Mission (Medium)
-Competing an ARES Jobs (Medium)
-Destroying a Melding Tornado (Medium)
-Escaping Blackwater Anomaly(High)
-Defeating a Raid Boss (Baneclaw/Kanaloa) (???)
-Refining Resources (50% of resources being refined is gained as crystite)