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Credits are the units of currency for placing orders on the player marketplace as well as buying Red Beans. While crystite was the former currency for the marketplace, credits were introduced as an intermediary currency so Red Bean sales would only affect a player's ability to purchase items from other players rather than easily increase their crystite count.

Nearly any item not bound to a player can be sold for credits on the marketplace, including weapons, Battleframe Cores, modules, reusable/consumable items, and cosmetic items.

Acquiring Credits

Credits can be acquired by:

  • Exchanging crystite for credits in the Currency Exchange on the marketplace. One credit is equivalent to 25 crystite, and there is a daily limit of exchanging 25,000 crystite for 1000 credits. The exchange cannot convert credits into crystite.
  • Selling Red Beans. The Red Bean Exchange allows players to trade Red Beans and credits, setting buy and sell orders for Red Beans. Red Bean sales are controlled such that they cannot be sold for fewer than 100 credits nor higher than 500 credits. Exchanges can only happen if someone fulfills a buy order, or acts on a sell order; if there is a gap where all sell orders are too high for the current buy orders, no exchanges occur.
  • Selling items on the marketplace. There is a listing and selling fee in credits for each item on the marketplace, so it should be noted that items can only be sold if the player has enough credits to cover the listing fee.
  • With V1.3 of Firefall and the addition of the Amazon Warzone, Credits can also be obtained by doing the 4 dailies. Three of the Dailies will result in 50 Credits each, while the 4th Daily, known as the Epic Daily, will reward 100 Credits on completion for a total of 250 Credits for completing all 4 Dailies.