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Crashed thumper.png
A crashed Thumper


Crashed Thumpers are small-scale dynamic World Events which can be encountered in New Eden.

Upon approaching a Crashed Thumper your Battleframe OS will inform you about it.

Battleframe OS : Crashed Thumper detected. Repairs requested by owner.

Upon interacting with the Crashed Thumper, a small repair drone will spawn and multiple Crashed Thumper Parts will explode out of the Thumper. Players must return 5 parts to repair the Thumper, while also dealing with the local wildlife.
While carrying a part, players cannot sprint, use certain abilities and also suffer from a reduced movement speed. There is a time window of 75 seconds (1m 15s) to complete the event, with every part returned extending the window by 15 seconds.

If the player does not manage to return all 5 parts within the time limit, or the Thumper takes too much damage, it will explode.

If all 5 parts are returned within the time limit, the Thumper will fully repair, and take off into the sky.

To receive any reward during this event, a player has to return at least 1 part, fire their weapon in the vicinity of the Thumper, or kill one of the creatures spawned by the event.


Final Time < 1:15 : Final Time > 1:15 :
  • 3500 Experience (upon completion)
  • 1500 Experience (per part returned)
  • ~100 Crystite
  • 3500 Experience (upon completion)
  • 1500 Experience (per part returned)
  • ~100 Crystite