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A distress call has been received from a mysterious area deep withing the Melding, known only as Blackwater. Locate the source of the distress call and rescue any survivors.

Level 7 mission, players over that level are still capped to that level. The Hardcore-version of the map will raise the level of the enemies to 40 and uncap the players in squad. Note however that the health of the dropship currently remains the same.

Older players may recognize the map from the PvP-map Blackwater Swamp.

The Encounter

The player gets flown out to an island, upon landing they get directed to a central location to find a crashed dropship that contains two trapped survivors. A nearby crate contains explosives to break open the door of the ship. While the explosives are loading up the player gets attacked by waves of enemies from 3 alternating directions.

After the explosive has detonated the player is instructed by Oilspill to collect parts from two locations, so he can repair the ship. After these are collected the player is instructed to remove three rocks that are blocking the ship, these can just be shot away. Upon completion the player can enter the dropship or they are automatically pulled in if the timer runs out.