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One of the major mechanics of Firefall is the crafting system. Crafting is the process of using resources, crystite, and other crafting components to create equipment and other items.

Crafting can be performed at the Molecular Printer, which can be found in many larger outposts/towns/POI's.

Printer Operations

At the Molecular Printer there are 3 basic operations that can be performed in Manufacturing slots.



Manufacturing Job allow ARES operators to produce a wide variety of weapons and equipment for use in the field.

Skills in Manufacturing can be learned by Researching them, and will reveal many more construction options.



Refining Jobs are a critical part of building new gear. Any Raw Resource that is that is gathered in the field must be Refined before it's able to be used to Manufacture something.

Make sure you Refine your resources! - Firefall Molecular Printer



Research Jobs are important for dedicated Manufacturers. Learning new methods and techniques allows ARES Operators to build better and more advanced weaponry and equipment - critical in the fight against Chosen.