Coral of the Story

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This is a mission on the Northern Shores Job Board


The Melding has a noticable effect on organic material, even when it isn't fully covered. Science Officer Barness is particularly interested in the Melding's effect on the local coral formations.


  • Meet the Professor
  • Coral Formation
    • Activate 4 Targets
    • Eliminate 8 Hostiles (bugged...the Culex don't show up, but you still get credit for killing them)
  • Collect Culex Samples
    • Activate 3 Targets
    • Eliminate 5 Culex
  • Return to the Professor


  • Chance Item
  • XP
  • 1x Copper Vending Token
  • +2079 Northern Shores Reputation
  • +208 Accord Reputation
  • Crystite