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This page was last updated during patch v1.0.1797. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Stock Combat Shotgun
Combat Shotgun.png
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Type Active
Cooldown 45 seconds
Instant yes
Speed Boost Duration 3s
Speed boost Force 30%
Spread Reduction (Range) -2
Base Damage 35
Rounds Per Burst 12
Base Weapon Spread 7
Magazine Size (Max Deploy) 8


"Equips the Arsenal with an Combat Shotgun. Increasing his effectiveness at close range."

Combat Shotgun is an Arsenal ability that is arc-porting said weapon to the Arsenal for limited use.

Prefixes & Modules

Combat Shotgun can come with the Bane, Blitz, Cooled, Energized, Focused, Forceful, Longarm, Potent, Ranging, Rapid, and Swift Prefix as well as the Custom prefix.

Modules that modify Recharge, Force, Range, Potency, Duration and Deployment can be used.

Modding Considerations

Deployment  -  Combat Shotgun has a unique interaction with Deployment Modules. Each additional deployment adds two rounds instead of one so a Rare or Epic Deployment Module will add 4 additional shots per ability activation.

Potency  -  Combat Shotgun is the only ability in the game that scales 100% of its damage with potency. A Potent prefixed Combat Shotgun with basic epic Blitz/Potent/Focused modules will fire 30 projectiles, a 250% damage increase over the base 12.

Duration  -  Combat Shotgun remains active until all rounds are fired rather than for a fixed duration. This stat extends the duration of the 3s movement speed boost.

Range  -  Range reduces the area (not radius) of Combat Shotgun's spread. Unlike weapon modules that work similarly, Range operates at ~28.5% efficiency (2/7) because it operates on the spread reduction stat instead of the spread itself. Stacking Range mods only extends the effective range of the shotgun by 3-4 meters.

Force  -  The brief 30% speed boost from this ability is one of the more powerful movement speed boosts available. With a Rare/Epic runspeed core, using a single epic Swift or Forceful module adds roughly 0.5 m/s. Stacking Force modules can net up to a 68% movement speed boost, enough to hit the 13.78 m/s ground movement cap if your base movement speed is over 8.2 m/s.

Gameplay Notes

Combat Shotgun, like Particle Beam or Mortar Arcfold, replaces the Arsenal's secondary weapon. Switching weapons while the shotgun is active will switch to your primary weapon but the ability remains in active use. The cooldown on Combat Shotgun will not begin until all rounds granted at the ability's activation are fired. If you're out of targets, fire the last few rounds into the air so the ability is ready the next time you want to use it. Using another ability that replaces the secondary (e.g. Particle Beam) will discard remaining shotgun rounds and put Combat Shotgun on cooldown.

Since Combat Shotgun is classified as a weapon that consumes ammo, Power Field will grant both a RoF increase as well as unlimited ammunition. If the Combat Shotgun is modified for Potency this will result in the highest reproducible single target DPS in the game.

Activating Explosive Rounds while Combat Shotgun is equipped will switch to the primary weapon but it is possible to switch back to the Combat Shotgun and retain Explosive Round's damage bonus but not the AoE effect.

Though unusual, it's possible to set up Combat Shotgun as a movement ability. Using a Forceful prefix and epic Charged / Forceful / Forceful modules results in a 52.5% movement speed boost for 6.73 seconds.

Affected By Perks

Not affected by:

Ares Suppliers

Combat Shotgun can be bought at various levels from the following ARES Vendors using local vouchers.

Known Bugs

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